NetHD TM  "interNET-Half Display" Web Browser   

"This new web browser is so cool. Be social and watch TV streamed from other sites like Hulu, CBS, ABC or Netflix".  Net-HD makes the internet twice the fun, with it's movable Half Display.

See it with Google and Facebook.  You have control to load any one or two websites.      NOTE: Demos do NOT mean they endorse NetHD™, just that they look good inside it!

NetHD™ & Net-HD™ Copyright & Trademark 2013 - JMThrasher  (Owner of & 

  Site or Software NOT FOR SALE: I was the first to create this exact trademark name last year. First exact true commercial use, see above.

- First to register the exact name on the internet. Owner of both and - bought on an open public market years after no one else did.  They were both for sale to first buyer with cash.   - Fact is: If anyone else had ever had a claim, use or wanted them at all, they would have bought it.  I can prove not only were they and their staff members and agents were all well educated enough to take just a little action to buy it like I did,but that they had the skills to buy other items on the internet without ever wanting these exact domain names. The open market of any free world is "First with Cash is the new owner".  - As I will prove, you, your staff, family, friends all not only had full access to the web, but had full knowledge of what your matket is, but chose not to take action for years.  You and they never wanted to buy it.  That simple action, or the lack there of, is why you have no right or claim to it now that someone else did. If you own even 1 other domain name, I will prove you knew what to do, but did not want to take like action and own anymore.